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Generation Chart

The generation chart, is the main display chart
The layout is stabilized using Stochastic Gradient Descent
It can display images, and custom text.

Zoom In Ctrl and +
Zoom Out Ctrl and -
Scroll Canvas Left Mouse Button and Mouse Drag
Pan Canvas Left Mouse Button and Mouse Drag and Ctrl Key
Panning moves The people within the Canvas, the cursor changes to
Panning is used to move people onto the canvas, who may be off screen.

Double Click on a person to edit them.
Families are represented by lines.
Click the line to select the family.
Double Click the line to edit the family
Right Click > Refresh Chart Ctrl+R to refresh the chart if needed
Hides folks on the chart.

changes the style
Size/Height of boxes can be changed.
Change the orientation of parents. (NSEW) and change the picture layout.

Customize the text and events to display.

See Media for changing the pictures.

Familes are represented by Lines.
Double Click on Lines to edit the Family
Double Click on Person to edit the Person

Hide the selected Person
Undo last change to chart
History of people visited
Change the style for the chart
Expand children 2 generations
Expand parents 2 generations
Zoom out to include all folks
Reset Zoom
Debug Information
Merge person
Create a relationship (Parent/Child, or Couple)
Remove person from family
Delete person
Show equivalent FamilySearch person in FamilySearch chart
Clear FamilySearch-GED match for person
Add selected person to FamilySearch
Add selected Couple to FamilySearch
Add selected ParentChild relationship to Familysearch.
Import selected folks from FamilySearch to GED database
Import tree of FamilySearch persons to GED

Most functionality is accessed through the popup menu.
For example, Right Click > View > Print > Print Chart
to print the chart.