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Augean is designed to allow easy synchronization between Familysearch, and the local GEDCOM database.
It has a powerful graphical engine, to make this easy.
You have a chart for FamilySearch, and a chart for the local GEDCOM database, you can visually compare the two.
To be effective, it is good to have 2 monitors.
Select View > Dual Screen to switch Augean to dual screen mode.
screen 1 will show the Local GEDCOM database, chart and editor
screen 2 will show the FamilySearch database, chart and editor
Recommend using 2 monitors when working with FamilySearch, most laptops have a slot for a second monitor.

The images in the picture are creating using Right Click > Image > Stamp Image
which assigns a postage stamp picture to folks, making them easier to recognize.
You can adjust the size of pictures using but 2 monitors is always easier.