Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are employed for the
Fan Chart
Generation Chart
To increase accessibility.
It takes a little while to learn them, but they save so much time.

For example, here are the keyboard shortcuts for the generation chart.

Please use the following shortcuts, (these are also listed on the popup menu)
Shortcut keys  Menu Title  Description
qChart Info  Chart Info (and List of Errors)
aCollapse All  Collapse all persons
cCollapse Children  Collapse Children
vCollapse Parents  Collapse Parents
dDownload  Download person portraits
eEdit  Edit Person or Family
AExpand All  Expand all persons (only for small charts)
CExpand Children  Expand Children, 2 Generations
VExpand Parents  Expand Parents, 2 Generations
mFamilySearch Match View  Select FamilySearch match in FamilySearch chart
wFit To Window  Fit Chart to Window
f, 1Focus 1 Generation  Focus current person, show 1 generation
F, 2Focus 2 Generations  Focus current person, show 2 generations
g, 3Focus 3 Generations  Focus current person, show 3 generations
G, 4Focus 4 Generations  Focus current person, show 4 generations
5Focus 5 Generations  Focus current person, show 5 generations
MGEDCOM Match Edit  Edit GEDCOM match
mGEDCOM Match View  Select GEDCOM match in GEDCOM chart
hHide  Hide person
iImport to GEDCOM  Import FamilySearch person to GEDCOM
oOverLay  OverLay
pPreferences  View Chart Preferences
rRefresh  Refresh Chart
nShow In New Chart  Show person in new Chart Window
jStamp Image  Assign person a temporary portrait (using a postage stamp)
uUndo  Undo last chart move