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 Ctrl key and the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in
 Right Click to display the context menu
 Resize the chart window by placing your mouse on the edge or corner of the window.
- until the resize arrow appears ↔ ↕ 

- then hold the left mouse button down and drag.

 Press f or F to focus the selected person.       (Please use this very important shortcut for navigation)  
 Press w to fit the chart to the window.       (Please make use of this shortcut, to fit the chart to the window)  
 Panning moves people within the chart. To pan hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse, the cursor changes to .
Left mouse + mouse move Pan
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Z, z Zoom in / out. (Select a person before zooming to keep them in focus while zooming)

 Double Click on a person to edit the person.
 Families are represented by lines. Click the line to select the family.  Double Click the line to edit the family.


I1Joseph Patrick /KENNEDY/Marriage: 7 OCT 1914 Boston, MABirth: ABT 1888 Boston, MADeath: 18 NOV 1969 Hyannis Port, MABurial: Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, MAEducation: Harvard GraduateOccupation: Bank President, AmbassadorReligion: Roman CatholicI3Joseph Patrick /KENNEDY/Birth: JUL 1915 Boston, MADeath: 2 AUG 1944 Suffolk, EnglandEducation: Harvard University, Harvard Law SchoolReligion: Roman CatholicTitle: Jr.I52John Fitzgerald /KENNEDY/Marriage: 12 SEP 1953 Newport, RIBirth: 29 MAY 1917 Brookline, MADeath: 22 NOV 1963 Dallas, TXBurial: 25 NOV 1963 Arlington National, VAEducation: Choate, London Sch. Of Econ., Princeton, HarvardOccupation: SenatorReligion: Roman CatholicI4Rosemary /KENNEDY/Birth: SEP 1918 Boston, MAI6Kathleen /KENNEDY/Marriage: 6 MAY 1944 LondonBirth: 1920 Boston, MADeath: 13 MAY 1948 FranceI8Eunice Mary /KENNEDY/Marriage: 23 MAY 1953Birth: JUL 1921 Boston, MAI16Patricia /KENNEDY/Divorce: 1965Birth: 6 MAY 1924 Boston, MAI21Robert Francis /KENNEDY/Marriage: 17 JUN 1950 Greenwich, ConnecticutBirth: 20 NOV 1925 Boston, MADeath: 6 JUN 1968 Los Angeles, CABurial: 8 JUN 1968 Arlington National, VAReligion: Roman CatholicI35Jean Ann /KENNEDY/Marriage: 1956Birth: FEB 1928 Boston, MAReligion: Roman CatholicI39Edward Moore /KENNEDY/Marriage: 29 NOV 1958Birth: 22 FEB 1932 Brookline, MAReligion: Roman CatholicI44Patrick Joseph /KENNEDY/Marriage: 1887Birth: 14 JAN 1858 Boston, MADeath: MAY 1929Occupation: Dockhand, Saloonkeeper, Senator, Bank PresidentReligion: Roman CatholicI45Mary Augusta /HICKEY/Marriage: 1887Death: 1923Religion: Roman CatholicI2Rose /FITZGERALD/Marriage: 7 OCT 1914 Boston, MABirth: 22 JUL 1890 North End, Boston, MADeath: 22 JAN 1995 Hyannis Port, MABurial: 25 JAN 1995 Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, MAEducation: Dorchester High School, Sacred Heart ConventReligion: Roman CatholicI50John F. /FITZGERALD/Occupation: MayorI51Josephine Mary /HANNON/I54Caroline Bouvier /KENNEDY/Birth: 27 NOV 1957 New YorkChristening: 13 DEC 1957 St. Patricks CathedralEducation: Brearly SchoolReligion: Roman CatholicI55John Fitzgerald /KENNEDY/Birth: 25 NOV 1960 Washington, DCEducation: Brown UnivTitle: Jr.I56Patrick Bouvier /KENNEDY/Birth: 7 AUG 1963 Otis Air Force B, MassDeath: 9 AUG 1963 Boston, MassI53Jacqueline /BOUVIER/Marriage: 12 SEP 1953 Newport, RIBirth: 28 JUL 1929 Southampton, Long Island, NYDeath: 19 MAY 1994 NYC, NYBurial: 23 MAY 1994 Arlington National, VAReligion: Roman CatholicI59Aristotle /ONASSIS/I48John Vernou /BOUVIER/Divorce: JUL 1940Death: AUG 1957 Lennox Hill Hosp., NYBurial: St. Philomena's Cemetery, NYTitle: IIII49Janet /LEE/Divorce: JUL 1940Marriage: JUN 1942I68Lee /BOUVIER/I69Hugh /ACHINCLOSS/Marriage: JUN 1942I5William John Robert /CAVENDISH/Marriage: 6 MAY 1944 LondonBirth: 10 DEC 1917Death: 10 SEP 1944 BelgiumI9Robert Sargent /SHRIVER/Birth: 1954Title: IIII11Maria /SHRIVER/Education: Georgetown UniversityI12Timothy /SHRIVER/I13Mark Kennedy /SHRIVER/Birth: FEB 1964 Washington, DCI14Anthony Paul /SHRIVER/Birth: 20 JUL 1965 Boston, MAI7Robert Sargent /SHRIVER/Marriage: 23 MAY 1953Birth: 9 NOV 1915 Westminster, MDTitle: Jr.I10Arnold /SCHWARZENEGGER/Occupation: ActorI17Christopher /LAWFORD/I18Victoria /LAWFORD/I19Sydney /LAWFORD/I20Robin /LAWFORD/I15Peter /LAWFORD/Divorce: 1965Birth: 7 SEP 1923I23Kathleen Hartington /KENNEDY/Birth: 4 JUL 1951I24Joseph Patrick /KENNEDY/Birth: 1952I25Robert Francis /KENNEDY/Birth: 1953Title: Jr.I26David Anthony /KENNEDY/Birth: 1954I27Mary Courtney /KENNEDY/Birth: 1955I28Michael L. /KENNEDY/Birth: 1957I29Mary Kerry /KENNEDY/Birth: 1958I30Christopher George /KENNEDY/Birth: 4 JUN 1963 Boston, MAI31Matthew Maxwell Taylor /KENNEDY/Birth: 9 JAN 1965 New YorkI32Douglas Harriman /KENNEDY/Birth: 24 MAR 1967 Washington, DCI33Rory Elizabeth /KENNEDY/Birth: 12 DEC 1968 Washington, DCI22Ethel /SKAKEL/Marriage: 17 JUN 1950 Greenwich, ConnecticutBirth: 1928I36Stephen /SMITH/I37William Kennedy /SMITH/Birth: SEP 1960 Boston, MAI38Amanda /SMITH/I34Stephen Edward /SMITH/Marriage: 1956I41Kara Ann /KENNEDY/Birth: MAR 1960I42Edward More /KENNEDY/Birth: 26 SEP 1961Title: Jr.I43Patrick Joseph /KENNEDY/Birth: AUG 1963I40Virginia Joan /BENNETT/Marriage: 29 NOV 1958Religion: Roman CatholicI67Loretta /KENNEDY/Birth: 1892 Boston, MAI57Margaret /KENNEDY/Birth: 1898I46Patrick /KENNEDY/Marriage: 28 SEP 1849 Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston, MABirth: 1823 Dunganstown, IrelandDeath: 22 NOV 1858 Boston, MAOccupation: Cooper, Ward BossReligion: Roman CatholicI47Bridget /MURPHY/Marriage: 28 SEP 1849 Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston, MABirth: 1821Death: 20 DEC 1888 Boston, MABurial: Cathedral Of The Holy Cross, MAReligion: Roman CatholicI58Charles /BURKE/I60Mary /KENNEDY/Marriage: 1883 Boston, MABirth: 9 AUG 1851 Boston, MAI61Johanna /KENNEDY/Marriage: 22 SEP 1872 Boston, MABirth: 4 DEC 1852I62John /KENNEDY/Birth: 4 JAN 1854 Boston, MADeath: 24 SEP 1855I63Margaret /KENNEDY/Marriage: 1882 Boston, MABirth: 18 JUL 1855 Boston, MAI66Laurence /KANE/Marriage: 1883 Boston, MAOccupation: TeamsterI64Humphrey /MAHONEY/Marriage: 22 SEP 1872 Boston, MAOccupation: JanitorI65John T. /CAULFIELD/Marriage: 1882 Boston, MAOccupation: Clerk

Right Click ⟶ Options ... to changes the style
The size / height of boxes can be changed.
Change the orientation of parents. (NSEW) and change the picture layout.

Changing the size/shape and orientation of chart
(Click on the image to enlarge)

Changing the text options
(Click on the image to enlarge)

  Add Fonts from Google Fonts. 1094 differents fonts available, browse the selection at
Just copy the font name from

See Media for changing the pictures.

Functionality is accessed through the Right Click menu.

Please use the following shortcuts, (these are also listed on the popup menu)
Shortcut keys  Menu Title  Description
qChart Info  Chart Info (and List of Errors)
aCollapse All  Collapse all persons
cCollapse Children  Collapse Children
vCollapse Parents  Collapse Parents
dDownload  Download person portraits
eEdit  Edit Person or Family
AExpand All  Expand all persons (only for small charts)
CExpand Children  Expand Children, 2 Generations
VExpand Parents  Expand Parents, 2 Generations
mFamilySearch Match View  Select FamilySearch match in FamilySearch chart
wFit To Window  Fit Chart to Window
f, 1Focus 1 Generation  Focus current person, show 1 generation
F, 2Focus 2 Generations  Focus current person, show 2 generations
g, 3Focus 3 Generations  Focus current person, show 3 generations
G, 4Focus 4 Generations  Focus current person, show 4 generations
5Focus 5 Generations  Focus current person, show 5 generations
MGEDCOM Match Edit  Edit GEDCOM match
mGEDCOM Match View  Select GEDCOM match in GEDCOM chart
hHide  Hide person
iImport to GEDCOM  Import FamilySearch person to GEDCOM
oOverLay  OverLay
pPreferences  View Chart Preferences
rRefresh  Refresh Chart
nShow In New Chart  Show person in new Chart Window
jStamp Image  Assign person a temporary portrait (using a postage stamp)
uUndo  Undo last chart move

Printing charts
Augean uses Vectors Graphics to generate very high quality charts suitable for printing.
Chrome has an excellent print driver, which can generate a PDF from Augean (the vector graphics are preserved inside the PDF).
These PDF file can be sent to a professional printing service, we recommend MegaPrint
MegaPrint can adjust the chart size to fit the paper. (we tried other services, and they were not as good)

Right Click ⟶ Print View    makes the chart fullscreen and hides the title and other windows.

(Click on the image to enlarge)
Print to a PDF file using the browser print button.
Right Click ⟶ Print View - End    restores the original view after printing.

  Resize the window so it fits the chart, then resize the browser window before printing - this avoids space around the PDF.
  shortcut key 'w', will fit the chart to the window.
  Add Overlays to add titles, images.
 1094 differents fonts available, browse the selection at

Example vector graphics charts - generated using Augean and printed at MegaPrint

(Click on the image to enlarge)

(Click on the image to enlarge)

The graphics in the chart are vector graphics - when you enlarge there is no loss of detail.

(Click on the image to enlarge)