Google Maps

To plot a place on Google Maps, we must first Geocode the place.
Geocoding, is the process of adding Latitude and Longitude to each place.
Augean uses information returned from FamilySearch for geocoding.
Everytime FamilySearch provided the latitude or longitude for a place, Augean will
store the information in a cache.

 The Column GeoCodes shows if a person has geocode information

The GeoCode information for each person
(Click on the image to enlarge)

In this example, Lizzie White has a geocoded place.
However, Thomas White has no geocode places.
To add a geocoded place to Thomas White, first edit Thomas White

Adding GeoCode information for Birth
and select the check place button,   

FamilySearch returns with a list of suggested geocoded places

FamilySearch returns a list of geocoded placed
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Select the best match using   

Hooray, Thomas White now has a geocoded place.
Thomas can be plotted on GoogleMaps

The GeoCode information added for Thomas White(1898)
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Create the interactive Google Maps using   
Select the persons to include on the map
  Enter a search filter, For example "Sitch" to include all the people with a surname of "Sitch"
  Include all places for each person, or just the first place (which is usually the BirthPlace)

Build the map using

Selecting the folks for building the Google Map

The map is interactive, Double Click on a marker to view/edit the person for the place.

Interactive GoogleMap