How to add title, text and other graphics to the drawing via overlays

An overlay is a transparent layer, to which we can add text and images.
Overlays are like a transparent glass layer, on which you place text and media.

 An overlay is like a sheet of glass. Anything underneath the overlay can be seen, but not clicked on.
This can be confusing, as the chart will not respond to mouse clicks with the overlay on.
Just remember the overlay, is a sheet of glass, which you can see through, but not click through

 Right click on an object in the overlay to see the context menu.
From the context menu, you can set the chart in print mode, and fit the chart to the window.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

 Remember you can save the overlay to a file, and reload it later.
 Expand the size of the overlay from the bottom left corner, by default it is quite small, and elements in it may not show.
 Click on any element in the overlay to change its position.
 Right Click on any element in the overlay to edit it.
 Move the windows around by dragging on the title bar.
- If the title bar is not visible move the window by holding down Shift and dragging on the background.
 View the window manager using