Adding Facts and Editing

Double Click on a person to open them in the editor

Opening person in the editor
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To add a fact click
Select the fact to add.

Adding Residence Information
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 Verify the date is in the correct format using
 Verify the place is in the correct format using

Add to FamilySearch using
If you need to change the residence, type in a new value
The Reason for change Box appears

Reason for change
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Enter a value for the Reason for change. Press to upload to FamilySearch.
 Use Grammarly to check the spelling and grammar.

View the change history using

Change History
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The Change history shows the addition of the residence date, and the residence date being changed.

 Check after an update to verify the information was changed on FamilySearch.

You can delete facts using
A confirmation dialog appears

Confirmation dialog
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The change is not made to FamilySearch until the button is pressed.
All changes to FamilySearch require a Reason for change.

 If information has not been committed to FamilySearch, you can always undo any changes using
 Use to focus the window and minimize other windows. When you close the window the view will be restored and the other windows shown.