Sources can be added to persons, couples and parent-child relationships.
View the sources attached to a person using

View sources attached to person, couple or parent-child.
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Enter a new source using

Adding source to person.
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Enter the source information, then click

Pressing shows the source reference added to the Change History

Addition of the source is listed in change history for the person.
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The Source Tab shows the list of sources known to Augean. (These include your sources, and sources entered by other people)

List of Cached Sources in Augean
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The following commands are available from the source table.
Edit the selected source
Add a new source
Add a an existing SourceId (from FamilySearch) to the table
View your Source Box.
View Citations for the source (people,relationships the source is attached to)
Refresh the source from FamilySearch
View the Tools Panel

Use to view your Source Box
If you don't see your source listed in the source box refresh the list using
Search for sources by typing into the search box and clicking

Your Source Box
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Use to access the Source Box on FamilySearch.

The Source Box represents only those entries added to your FamilySearch Source Box.
Not all sources are added to your Source Box.
The Source Box lets you view, edit, delete and organize your sources into folders.

Adding Source Citations
Connect a source to a person/couple/parent-child using

Attaching a person or relationship to the source.
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Select to attach source.

Adding the source to a person
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Click to complete the transaction

  Click to refresh the source box then we can see the updated citation count.

Attaching an existing source to a person.

Select the person,
Select to view sources.
Select to add an existing source
Search for the source, if not there, click to add the existing SourceID from FamilySearch

The FamilySearch Source will be added to the list, and can be selected.

Citing Existing Source, and attaching to a person
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when editing the person, click to see the updated source list.