Augean uses GEDCOM 5.5.1 for the internal database.
All data is stored in GEDCOM format.
GEDCOM is the only supported shared standard for Genealogical information and avoids Vendor lockin.
GEDCOM databases can be opened by other Genealogical software.

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 Links to GEDCOM structures are shown in Blue
 GEDCOM can be exchanged with other genealogical software without loss of information
 All custom GEDCOM tags are preserved when importing GEDCOM.

Augean allows direct editing of the GEDCOM - sometimes this is convenient.
 Changes for each GEDCOM object are recorded in the Session Log.
 The button is used throughout Augean to provide a view of the GEDCOM.

The GEDCOM is represented as a tree structure, and the long names are used for display,
but when saved to a file, it is pure GEDCOM format and tags.