The GEDCOM Editor is for the direct editing of GEDCOM
It gives more options than the Summary Editor
Generally the summary Editor is preferred, but the GEDCOM editor gives you additional control.

GEDCOM is the standard way of sharing Genealogical Information
Augean is based on GEDCOM. The internal database is a pure GEDCOM structure.
GEDCOM allows sharing of information with other genealogical software.  A 100% GEDCOM database avoids Vendor Lock-in

Select GEDCOM to use the GEDCOM editor.

(Click on the image to enlarge)
 To change the size of a portrait, Right Click ⟶ Make Image Larger
  To change the size of a textbox use Right Click ⟶ Make Larger

The following commands are supported
  Add GEDCOM elements.
  Refresh the page
  View the generation Chart
  View the FamilySearch match
  Search FamilySearch
  View the Fanchart button
  View the sources
  View attached notes
  View attached media
  View the timeline
  GEDCOM tools (view the GEDCOM, and reports)

Additional options are available through Right Click ⟶ Options ...

Change the font, color or form layout

When making changes during editing the values are not committed automatically (for safety, to stop unexpected modifications)
Use    to commit the value to the local GEDCOM database.
Use    to cancel the edit and reset the value.

Commit Values to GEDCOM database

Add GEDCOM elements using   

Adding new GEDCOM elements
(Click on the image to enlarge)

M Shows the schema supports multiple copies of this element.
Link The Element is a links to another GEDCOM structure.
   Select the Element

The Structure of GEDCOM shows that Sources, and Notes may be local or Shared (marked with a Link)
Shared Sources are links to Sources, which may be referenced elsewhere
Generally Shared Sources should be used.

 When connected to FamilySearch use    to validate dates or places.

Place verification through FamilySearch
Place verification is required before viewing on Google Maps, as it retrieves the latitude and longitude from FamilySearch

 The changes can be reviewed and backed out in GEDCOM ⟶ Session Log ...
 Move the windows around by dragging on the Title Bar.
If the title bar is not visible hold down Shift and drag on the background.
Resize a window by placing your mouse in the lower right corner over the icon, the resize cursor,  
will appear.