Media Directory Media DirectoryThe Media directory is a central location under the current Augean project for storing media files.
Copying files to the Media directory helps prevents broken links to external files.
(if the external files is accidently moved or deleted, the link to it will be broken.).

Help ⟶ About ... shows the location of the Media Directory

Location of the MEDIA_DIRECTORY where media files are stored
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When adding media, Augean provides a button,    to copy the media to the MEDIA_DIRECTORY

The media currently outside the MEDIA_DIRECTORY
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 If the image is outside the media directory, it cant be backed up. It may be lost.

Press the    to copy the file to the media directory.

The file is now copied to the Media Directory (notice how the path has changed).

Image copied to media directory

If you click Help ⟶ About ..., and Click on MEDIA_DIRECTORY you can see the file

The MEDIA_DIRECTORY, viewed in windows which is under the current project.

You can have subdirectories under the MEDIA_DIRECTORY

In windows explorer, the file is moved to a subdirectory under the MEDIA_DIRECTORY
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In Augean adjust the media file path to point to the subdirectory.
Thats better, now the file is in a subdirectory called "newphotos" under the MEDIA_DIRECTORY

Media Report Generation
Generate a report of files outside the media directory using Reports ⟶ Media Report ...

Report showing files outside the MEDIA_DIRECTORY

In this report there are 10 files outside the media directory.
The report gives you the option to move the files into the media directory
   will update the GEDCOM with new links to the files in the media directory.
(all references to the file in the GEDCOM will be updated)

 The report is interactive, click on the link to view the file

Click on the link will show the file

Before moving to the MEDIA_DIRECTORY, the file name was stored in the GEDCOM as a link to the external file
This link can be broken if the file is moved.
It is recommended to copy all files to the Media Directory
Once in the Media Directory, the file name is changed to
MEDIA_DIRECTORY\JK3.jpg which is directly inside the Augean project.

Backup the Media

One advantage of stored media in the media directory, is allows for easy backup of the media.
Backup the project and media files using File ⟶ Backup ...

Backup project and also the Media Directory
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The backup .zip archive contains both the GEDCOM file and the media from the media directory
  Using the media directory, helps prevent broken links.
  Using the media directory allows for easy backups
  Using the media directory allows projects to be moved easily between computers.