Session Log

The Session Log
 •   Tracks the changes made to the GEDCOM file during the current session.
 •   Allows us to inspect the changes made.
 •   Allows us to undo any changes.

For example, Lets add an Event to Harry Sitch
Add an event using +Event, in this case "Education"

Adding the "education" event to Harry Sitch
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Add the details to the education.

Harry was educated at Harrow boys school
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View the session log using GEDCOM ⟶ Session Log ...
  the session log for the person can be seen from

Click next to a change to inspect the change
Changes can also be undone using

The Session Log, Tracks changes made during the current session.
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 An easy way to identify the people changed during the current session is to add the #Changes column
 Right Click ⟶ Change Displayed Columns ...
 Add the #Changes column.
 Click on the column header to sort by change count, and display those persons/objects that have changed.

The number of changes per person.
Click on the column header to sort and display the persons/objects that were changed.
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