Summary Editor

Two different editors are available.
The Summary editor allows for most changes to the data
The GEDCOM Editor provides a detailed view of the GEDCOM data.

Double Click on a person, or family in the table to edit the GEDCOM

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 Use the Summary editing, for adding Facts, Media, Notes, Research Notes, Sources and TODO's
Summary editing, is usually all you need, and is the most convenient.

View / Add Hash Tags
View / Add Web links
 HashTags can be searched on

Use +Event to add facts.
Click on the link, to edit the facts.
For the editor, values are not committed until is pressed

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 The changes can be reviewed and backed out in GEDCOM ⟶ Session Log ...
 Move the windows around by dragging on the title bar.
- If the title bar is not visible move the window by holding down Shift and dragging on the background.
 View the window manager using