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Augustus III of PolandMaria Josepha of AustriaCharles VILouis, Duke of BurgundyMarie Adélaïde of SavoyI8Maria Josepha of SaxonyBirth: 4 November 1731Death: 13 March 1767Title: Dauphine of FranceI2Louis XVI of FranceBirth: 23 August 1754Death: 21 January 1793Title: Citizen Louis CapetI3Marie Thérèse of FranceBirth: 19 December 1778Death: 19 October 1851I4Louis JosephBirth: 22 October 1781Death: 4 June 1789Title: Dauphin of FranceI5Louis-CharlesBirth: 27 March 1785Death: 8 June 1795Title: Louis XVII of FranceI6Sophie Hélène Beatrix of FranceBirth: 9 July 1786Death: 19 June 1787Title: Sophie Hélène Beatrix of FranceI7Louis, Dauphin of FranceBirth: 4 September 1729Death: 20 December 1765Title: Louis, Dauphin of FranceI1Maria Antonia Josepha JohannaBirth: 2 November 1755Death: 16 October 1793I89Maria TheresaBirth: 13 May 1717Death: 29 November 1780Title: Holy Roman EmpressI88Francis IBirth: 8 December 1708Death: 18 August 1765Title: Holy Roman EmperorI91Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-WolfenbüttelBirth: 28 August 1691Death: 21 December 1750Title: Holy Roman EmpressI13Louis XV of FranceBirth: 15 February 1710Death: 10 May 1774Title: Louis XV of FranceI14Marie LeszczyńskaBirth: 23 June 1703Death: 24 June 1768I15Stanisław LeszczyńskiBirth: 20 October 1677Death: 23 February 1766Title: Stanislaus II16Catherine OpalińskaBirth: 13 October 1680Death: 19 March 1747Title: Queen consort of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth22