Install on Windows

Augean requires Chrome or Microsoft Edge

 Please also look at Install on Windows Graphical for a graphical installer.

 •   An accessible install script, for an accessible product.
 •   The install script is easy to run - you can see exactly what is being installed.
 •   Install scripts are available for (Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks) x (Intel and Arm).
 •   Everything, including the Java OpenJDK 17 is stored under the augean folder.
 •   Augean wont interfere with other Java versions on the system.
 •   Augean can be uninstalled just by deleting the augean folder

Please watch the "Get started video" first

How to Install on Windows 10
Open a command prompt (please see above video) .  then Copy and paste to the cmd prompt.

Step 1, Create the directory for Augean

Step 2, Install Augean
Choose one of the following
If the computer is Intel

If the computer is Arm

 Your computer is 

A shortcut is placed on the desktop, and in the installation directory.
Run augean.bat to start.

Select Private networks as well as public networks.

Windows may request permission to connect to the network
(Click on the image to enlarge)

The Augean server. Seen when running augean.bat
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If Chrome of Edge are you default browser press
Otherwise press and paste the link into a Chrome browser.

Augean opens in Chrome
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