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Augean is the only desktop genealogy application designed and built for visual and cognitive accessibility.
Augean runs on (Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks) x (Intel and Arm).
Augean integrates with FamilySearch, Geni and WikiTree allowing for collaboration with other genealogists.
Augean displays in Chromium browsers giving access to all of Chrome's accessibility features.
Please view this slide show to see how Augean can help people with their genealogy.

From the Greek legend, the 5th labour of Hercules was to clean the Augean stables, Hercules achieved this by diverted the river Alpheus through them.
After returning from the underworld and completing his 12th labour, a 13th labour was imposed on him, he was required to research his genealogy.
This was more arduous than all his previous tasks combined, holding up the earth was a trifle in comparison, his research was in a bigger mess than the Augean stables.
However, Hercules used to divert the river of information from FamilySearch, Geni and WikiTree to clean up his genealogy.
His research was done in record time, So astonishing was this feat that it was not recorded with his other labors, but the following painting survives.

Hercules and the girl are shown using the river of information from FamilySearch and to clean up his genealogy.
Original artist, Julius Ebert

Augean is about Accessibility

I was diagnosed with vision problems from an early age.
Two problems I had with existing desktop genealogy software:

 •   It was not Vision accessible - It gave me eye strain and hurt my eyes.
 •   It was not Cognitive accessible - I couldn't display all the information I needed at the same time. I forgot information when I switched between screens.

I created Augean to fix the above.

Augeans accessibility features include:

 •   A message board approach. Creates a message board to display all the information you need on one screen in a layout of your choice.
 •   4K window manager - optimized for large screens.
 •   Vector graphics charts and text. No pixelation on zoom.
 •   3D graphics charts with Zoom - designed for viewing large charts.
 •   1052 different font families available. - There is no standardized reading experience.
 •   A desktop solution that displays in the Chrome browser.
 •   Integrates with Chrome's accessibility tools.
 •   Integrates with Chrome's text to speech.
 •   Integrates with Chrome's speech to text.
 •   Designed from the ground up to be Vision Accessibile.
 •   Designed from the ground up to be Cognitive Accessibile.
 •   Information accessed through hyperlinks with 1 click.
 •   Integrates with Grammarly.
 •   Style sheets - get the right look and feel to avoid eyestrain.
 •   Keyboard shortcuts.

Existing accessibility tools for Mac and Windows rely on magnification. However, magnification doesn't always give good results.
In this example, the magnified text is unreadable, unless it was generated by vectors.
Augean uses a vector based approach, - which is the best solution for vision accessible desktop genealogy.
The Augean window manager gives you exact control over your visual environment displaying all the information you need in the font and size you want.

Integration with Google Maps, and Google Maps Street View.
View the streets where your ancestors lived.

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BabylonJS framework is used for 3D - zoom in to read text, and zoom out to see the entire tree in 3D.

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Click here to see a Live Demo of the 3D chart

Augean runs on (Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks) x (Intel and Arm).

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62 help videos available.

Genealogy can be very difficult
By designing for visual accessibility, and integrating with FamilySearch Augean makes the difficult task of Genealogy much easier.