Orange Cake License

When I was young, and walking through a park in England, we came across a Orange cake, on a glass stand
You could buy a slice for 50 pence. Just deposit the money in a box.
There was no one around to check up, they relied on people being honest.
What an excellent business idea !!. It relied on trust and honesty.

And so Augean, has adopted the same license.
Just send a donation for what you think Augean is worth
Send it to via Pay Pal
Pay what you think Augean is worth. Suggest $1 (one US dollar) for every month usage.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

I hope that the cake stand is still in operation
It relied on people being honest
Be honest, and pay Steve. We need the money to fund the development of Augean.

Thanks for being honest.

For those of you attempting to make off with the cake,
Be honest, and pay Steve. Its the right thing to do.
Generate some good Karma - when you are honest it helps you.