Window Manager Window Manager
The window manager, allows for multiple genealogical lines of research.

The manager, runs in Chrome. Chrome is connected to the local desktop Augean server. The information is secure and does not go over the internet.

   shows the window manager.

Window Manager
(Click on the image to enlarge)

  Opens a Docked Window.
  Docks (minimizes) a window.
  Brings a window to Front.
  Docks (minimizes) all windows.
  Cascades windows.

 Switch to full screen using Control ⌘ and F for Mac or F11 for Windows.

 Move the windows around by dragging on the Title Bar.
If the title bar is not visible hold down Shift and drag on the background.

 Open a new browser tab using   
(Open as many tabs as needed.)

  Add Fonts from Google Fonts. Google Fonts provides almost 1000 different fonts
Just copy the font name from