Island Report

GEDCOM files often consist of "islands" of people
An island is a group of persons related to each other,
but not related to other persons in the same GEDCOM file.
Each island is a separate genealogical tree.

To view the islands within the GEDCOM file, use Reports ⟶ Island Report ...

The islands in the GEDCOM file
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Island 94 contains 46 related people

Island 37 contains 12 related people

Island 80 contains just 1 person not related to any other person in the GEDCOM file

Islands can be saved to create a new GEDCOM.
Islands can be deleted without breaking any relationships.

Use Islands to split GEDCOM files into smaller GEDCOM files of related people.
Islands of size 1, represent single persons, not connected to other persons.

After running the Island report, to view the islands in the Individual table
Right Click ⟶ Change Displayed Columns ...
Add the Island and Island Size columns.

Adding the Island and Island size column to person table
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After the Island size column is added to the table header
You can sort on Island column to sort by persons on the same island.

 The island information is only populated after the Island report is run.
 Click on the Island header to sort by Island.

The Island and Island Size column are populated in the Individual table after running the Island report.
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View the island for a person using Right Click ⟶ View Island
This shows the set of persons on the same island.
The person is related to everyone on the island.